Last week  to escape the lonely Los Angeles streets she migrated to the Hollywood hills, to gather her thoughts. Of course LA being L- f***ing -A, the cast of Entourage were filming the new Sex and the City movie, well you know what we mean.

Anyway, our Camilla spotted Ari Gold’s aka Jeremy Piven’s toupee from a mile a way. Vincent, Drama and Turtle, or should we say, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte were drinking apple wine spritzers at a nearby bar.

pivebadobe 2

Photo: Camilla with guy trying to become an actor in yellow hi viz vest. The guy behind him is Jeremy Piven.

So it’s Oscar time again and the Australian press is talking about ‘our’ Cate or ‘our’ Margot, but what about the thousands of Australian actors living in LA who haven’t had their big break yet? And trust me, there really are thousands.

I am one of these actors. The ones that you don’t hear about.

The ones who are busting their well toned derrieres, most surviving on minimum wage. I’m sure to some, it probably sounds incredibly glamourous and romantic, so I am here to shed some light on the life of a no name actor trying to make it in Hollywood.

Every year many actors who may have had a main role in Australian soapies like Offspring or a guest star on Neighbours, or heck, someone who’s Aunty Mildred told them that they have talent, make the journey to LA to live the dream.

I have met each one of these types in my travels whilst being here.

We all believe that we are going to make it, but of course, the reality is that we are all rolling the dice.

So how do these people survive?

When an actor makes the trek over here for 3 months for Pilot season and leaves at the end, Hollywood seems like an infinite land of possibility. We have saved our money, we dine in the nice restaurants and go to the cool bars and have many celebrity sightings. That was my experience before I moved here.

Now that I live here the only sightings I encounter are the local homeless people rummaging through my garbage.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing my personal recount of the gritty underside of the Hollywood actor. Join me as I go from acting class to acting class, audition to audition, and perfect the art of survival in the land of Tinseltown.


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Camilla Jackson is an Australian actress living in Los Angeles. She is currently writing a short film, auditioning for a variety of acting roles and working two jobs like Jon Hamm did when he first went to Hollywood to make ends meet.

3 thoughts on “Tinseltown

  1. Whole new look, I see! – nice and clean, for sure.
    Without the slightest intention of insult, I can say that having spent many years working in the Oz film industry, the LA version (though bigger by a factor of roughly 100) holds zero interest for me. I don’t even know most of the ‘successful’ actors of today … You see what a behind-the-times person I am.

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