The Telephone

The man had stopped speaking.  So had his wife. It started with a simple smily face, an emoticon. His wife had secured a job promotion. He replied with a hand-clap emoticon. She replied with a thumbs-up and a pink love heart. He felt loved. The man forgot his wife’s birthday. She sent him an angry face. He replied with a sad face.

They ate dinner that night, in silence. And then the woman, said, “we don’t talk like we used to. We used to write letters too. We would reference Coltrane and Highsmith , Kubrick and Truganini.”

The man said, “you are right, we have become one of those couples. I love you, you know.”

The next day the man found their dog, a golden retriever, which had been missing for three months. He looked at all his options, at all the funny emoticons: a rainbow, women dancing, a monkey laughing, flowers, roses and daisies, an angel.

The man smiled and phoned his wife. It made her day.



This article first appeared on Illy Words.

Illy Coffee

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