The Riparian Times is an independent online publication out of Melbourne, Australia.  For all media enquiries please use the contact form.

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The Riparian Times

45 thoughts on “About

  1. I was half asleep when checking out your site last night and so came back to have a look this morning, only to realise you’re just over the ditch in Melbourne! It may seem silly to be so excited about such a thing, but since I started my blogging adventures I’ve met people all over the world, but never so close to home. I’ll be following your growth with all the fist-pumping goodness of an ‘almost’ local.

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog. What a surprise! I’m in South Florida, USA, and so cool to “shake hands” with you. You have a great site here. Looking forward to more.

  3. What an awesome blog! My heritage comes from England through Australia. Also my father was stationed near Perth during WWII. So I will be keeping an eye on your blog and welcome to 365MissionalPractice. Perhaps we can share across the ocean!

  4. “At the right time, a kind word from a stranger, or encouragement from a friend, can make all the difference in the world. Kindness is free, but its priceless.” – Doe Zantamata

    Thanks for following us!

  5. Thank you for following my blog! Looks like you have a great idea with yours (truth be told, I knew the term “riparian” but still had to look it up; that’s when I remembered hearing it before – from Hyacinth Bucket on Keeping up Appearances!). I look forward to checking out your blog in more detail! Good luck!

  6. Riparian means of or about rivers, right? I enjoyed your sense of humor about missing your flight to Dublin. I’m sure it must have “matured” into the form of an essay. And thank you for following my blog, which is only occasionally riparian, such as when I discuss the terrible blunders at Waterplace (on the Woonasquatucket River) in my town of Providence, R.I., USA. Again, thanks for lightening my morning!

  7. Life, travel, fashion and art.

    I know you’re Melbourne based (and I do have fond memories of Melbourne), but do you have enough emphasis on London? More than 300 languages spoken, travel-hub central, home of London fashion week, Westwood, McQueen & McCartney outlets, home of the Tates, the National Gallery, British Museum, Design Museum, V&A, Saatchi Gallery.

    Perhaps some of London’s issues today might be Melbourne’s tomorrow, albeit on a different scale? Digital cities, urban design, cultural integration,World-class innovation, diverse tourism, celebrity, West End musicals, theatre, relationships with the provinces, global sports brands and big brother city rivalry (London-New York, Sydney-Melbourne)?

    Regarding the virtual publicaiton, have you thought of having a section of the Times called ‘Irony’, with perhaps subsections on the ironies of urban living, and perhaps ironies of the workplace?

  8. Thanks for following my blog Retaining the Meta: Adventures of a Midlife PhD (retainingthemeta.wordpress.com). This is a great site–very witty. It’s a pleasure to read and look through.

  9. Great About page, and welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to checking out a big more in these parts. Thanks for the follow! xLaura

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